I Shall Live a Life Worth Living!

A Life Worth Living A powerful wave moves through the universe with unstoppable force. A synergistic phenomenon, Lighting  the souls of those swimming in darkness, occupying the hearts of the most unlikely ambassadors.  It knows no bounds of wealth, culture, social status, race, or religion. It is simply, purely, and innocently…. absolute….. Love!

Love for its own sake, love for others, the beauty in moments,  in every good thing. The purity of Joy in a child’s sweet laughter, the amazing miracle of life everywhere, in everyone. It knows not posessions, not self preservation, nor selfishness, yet rides the waves of purity of heart, sweet innocent light. Souls on Fire…White hot Truth. Bringing together those once bitter enemies. An unprecedented phenomenon, this movement of Love. Driven by passionate Soulful verse, and the Wisdom of Words in age old Mysteries. Mostly though, through the pure burning conviction, and determination,  of our modern day prophets. You don’t have to look far to find them. Perhaps check your heart.

We hate no longer, our hands are for healing.  For we are One World, One People, One Love.  We are Kindness, Peace, Hope. We are prosperity of spirit In poverty of riches.

I take my stand, I am who I am,  No longer living to please another.  Rejecting hatred, selfishness, judgement. Embracing all souls, I choose to Love. I am and I shall be.. ok. Loving Easily, I love very deeply. Dropping the shields, baring my battle scarred heart. Gladly choosing the tenderness I prefer. . I’ll keep riding this wave as empowered by light, and purity of love, I greet each day with wide open heart, selfless, determined, Turning battlegrounds into Rose gardens, embracing the lost and those left alone.I feed the hungry, heal those who are scarred, and lift up the broken, and forsaken.

I shall live a life worth living, and leave this world a kinder place.

Michael Newcomb



Published by

Michael Newcomb

I am a therapist, writer, photographer, and artist. My purpose in life is to encourage and inspire others, to live life at the highest level, empowered with hope, faith, and the tools to break through the barriers to living an incredible life.

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