Take Time to Enjoy the Beauty in Each New Day!

I took time this evening to stop and enjoy this sunset on the Rogue River.


I’m thankful for the amazing beauty that surrounds us constantly, and that is present for us to freely enjoy in some form every day. I am trying to take time daily to be in the moment, present, enjoying something beautiful and inspiring as it happens, something that I might typically not pay much attention to because of my hurried pace, or the typical distractions of life. I have found this to be a powerful way to maintain a grateful heart, and have much more fulfillment in life.

Take time to enjoy the beauty in each new day. it’s too easy to miss the wonderful blessings that exist all around us, when we are worried about tomorrow, or filled with regret for the past. Let go. Forgive and forget.. Rest in Faith, Peace, Hope, and Love. and always….

….give thanks with a grateful heart.

Michael Newcomb, 8-12-2015

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Published by

Michael Newcomb

I am a therapist, writer, photographer, and artist. My purpose in life is to encourage and inspire others, to live life at the highest level, empowered with hope, faith, and the tools to break through the barriers to living an incredible life.

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